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“Play Well” – Five Social Media Lessons We Can Learn From LEGO

LEGO. One of our most beloved brands, and also one of the most socially successful. But what is it that differentiates them? Why do they succeed when others struggle to find their way?

The answer can be found within the very heart of the toy company itself and the carpenter who was inspired to make a wooden duck for his children.

LEGO 'Likes' Social Media

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#Top10Thursday :: Toys of the 80's

For this, the first participatory #Top10Thursday, the topic is toys from the 80’s (thanks to @chrish10) and having scoured my way through the internet reliving all of my childhood dreams I realised that finding a Top 10 was going to be extremely difficult.

Even a simple Google search left me with over 30 playthings with which to sort and categorise. How could I possibly discard some of my most treasured memories? Hard though it was, I have swallowed the bitter pill and made my decisions. I give you @stuartwitts Top 10 Toys of the 80’s…

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Have Google out-cooled Apple?

Android Mini Collectable

One of my passions in life is toys. Plush. Vinyl. Die-cast. I love them all. And when they cross over into geekdom I can’t help but get my debit card at the ready.

This series of blind-boxed collectables by Andrew Bell are based on the Google Android character and come in 12 different designs. They stand 3 inches tall, feature rotating heads and arms and will be available to buy later this month.

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