You all know exactly who I am. Say my name… #lovemyhat

Bates - Gentlemen's Hatter Since 1898

It’s time for another season of #lovemyhat…

For those of you that remember, I previously blogged about my experience of wearing an ‘Indi‘ in today’s modern world and discovered a few things about both myself, and the people around me. Thanks again to the generosity of the fine fellows at Bates – Gentlemen’s Hatters, I am undertaking another millinery adventure.

To keep the Film/TV theme going I have chosen the iconic hat worn by Walter White, from Breaking Bad, when he takes on his alternate persona ‘Heisenberg’. The Pork Pie has been popular in one form or another since the middle nineteenth century, but is mostly associated with the time of the Great Depression and gets its name from the similarity it shares with a culinary pork pie dish.

As I made my way to Bate’s new Jermyn Street location, it was with a sense of mild trepidation. Even before wearing the ‘Indi’ I had been somewhat comfortable with the idea of wearing a Fedora, but the Pork Pie was a completely different prospect. I’ve seen a number of people wearing fedoras and felt inside that it was a socially acceptable piece of head gear. A Pork Pie, however, seemed more of a definite ‘look at me’ statement.

As always, Bate’s were extremely attentive in their customer service and soon I was standing in front of ‘Binks’ (Bate’s feline mascot) having the traditional photograph taken with my latest head topper.

Portrait of Stuart 'Heisenberg' Witts

I said my goodbyes and headed out into the unseasonably warm November air. Some people can wear hats of wildly varying styles and not turn a hair, but all I could think about was whether everyone was wondering if I was on my way to a fancy dress party and wouldn’t it have been better to have worn the Hazmat suit and respirator.

You can follow my day to day dealings with the Pork Pie on Twitter or via the hashtag #lovemyhat, and if you feel inspired to purchase your very own quality head gear, visit and don’t forget to tell them Heisenberg sent you.