Its-a me, Heisenberg… #lovemyhat

I was out and about in London this week and while on my way to the ITV London Studios I bumped in to some fellow hat wearers.

Its-a me, Heisenberg

After bidding farewell to the famous plumbers, I made my way to the ITV London Studios where I was covering a charity event for Text Santa. Inside I met another fellow hat wearer, Olly, who was comparing the day’s activities. He was rather exasperated after having been asked to relinquish his hat to one of the charity cyclists to wear during a live broadcast. “What are they thinking?” he said, “My hat is me, it’s who I am.”.

Unfortunately I wasn’t so lucky as one of the ITV people was a friend of mine and when asked for my hat I could hardly refuse. If you were watching This Morning on Monday you may well have glimpsed its Pork Pieness 😉

All of this got me thinking about how important a hat can become in defining the wearers identity. Since the almost universal hat wearing times of the 1940’s, they’ve become increasingly unpopular and those who choose to wear a hat do so as a definite fashion choice.

This makes the selection of said item all the more important. Would Indiana Jones have been seen as the ultimate adventurer had he been wearing a baseball cap? And what of Heisenberg? Would he have struck such a menacing pose sporting a bobble hat?

Whatever hat you choose to wear, the only advice I can give you is this… Invest in quality. Whilst it may be tempting to pickup something from the high street, I can honestly say that it will never give you the same sense of identity as a top notch piece of millinery from Bates.

You can follow my day to day dealings with the Pork Pie on Twitter or via the hashtag #lovemyhat, and if you feel inspired to purchase your very own quality head gear, visit and don’t forget to tell them Heisenberg sent you.