What is a serendipic eclectivist?

A wise person once said that the key to success is focus. Focus on a subject. A singular passion. But what if you don’t have a singular passion?

What if there isn’t a single ‘thing’ that holds your focus? What if your passion lies in variety?

Throughout my life I have never settled on one particular subject for any serious length of time. I have never been able to find that one calling that I could discard all other pursuits for and focus on being the best I could be. My interests have flitted around, unable to stay still, been impossible to grab hold of.

I’ve often wondered if this characteristic has been partly responsible for a perceived lack of success or recognition. I’ve longed to be like those people who find drive and passion in their singular pursuit. To be so consumed by a subject that your path can be, as much as possible, clearly seen ahead of you.

Sometimes I understand what this must feel like. I get temporary episodes of extreme focus when the most important thing in the whole world is this ‘thing’ that I am doing. Everything is in alignment, the world is in perfect order. My mind dances and crackles with excitement, to quote Scrooge, “I feel as giddy as a schoolboy”.

But as soon as these periods have come they drift away and the foggy quagmire returns.

This reminded me of the early days of social media.

Back in those halcyon days serendipity was the keyword and for someone who thrives on the eclectic it was a golden time. It seemed that almost every day was filled with new possibilities and an endless array of interesting people with whom to discuss an equally endless array of topics.

What happened to that beautiful serendipity? Where did the variety go?