A welcome return to Jurassic Park…

Jurassic World Logo

Not wanting to miss the moment, I took my son to see Jurassic World over the opening weekend and boy am I glad I did. We both enjoyed the film immensely and I for one was moved to the same emotional responses I remember upon first seeing that Brachiosaurus tower over Dr. Grant 22 years ago.

The movie was a true thrill ride from beginning to end and I never felt cheated as the various protagonists escaped from increasingly dangerous scenarios. It was also wonderful to see all of the nods to the original film, from the vintage t-shirt worn by Jake Johnson’s character (Lowery) to Bryce Dallas Howard’s (Claire) homage to the ‘ready for action’ pose of Jurassic Park’s original strong female character Dr. Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern).

Jurassic World

Also very much worth a mention is Michael Giacchino’s score. I have been a huge fan of Giacchino’s work since first hearing his emotive scores to the Medal of Honour games, and his re-imagining of John Williams’ iconic theme did not disappoint. I’m not afraid to admit that when I first heard Williams’ theme accompany the Brachiosaurus reveal in Jurassic Park I was moved to tears, Dinosaur’s had come to life and I was a child again. Giacchino, with his new score, has managed to build upon that wonder and create some magic of his own.

Jurassic World was truly a great Summer blockbuster and it is one of those films I never wanted to end, and would happily have stayed in my seat to watch it again. Even a day later I am still feeling those terrible pangs of sorrow at having to leave the park and all of the new people I met along the way. Perhaps I will return there someday…