Should I advise my clients to become bullies?

Firstly, let me welcome you to the roaring inferno that is the world in which we now live. Now that the pleasantries are out of the way it’s time I insulted you… That’s how it works, right? Success and popularity comes from being a bully now, I’m sure that’s what I’ve heard… So, FUCK YOU! Why don’t you piss off to wherever you came from (probably Google, or a link I posted on Twitter)!

What can one really say about the events that have been happening around us this past year? I for one am exhausted, confused and quite simply fed up with the whole bloody thing. Not so exhausted that I couldn’t spare the time to write a few words in the desperate hope that they might be read and shared to feed my ever-present ego mind you… I digress. Consider this an outpouring of thoughts. It might not make much sense, or at times even seem that coherent but this is happening so go with it.

How do we… and by we I mean that group of humans who believe in equality for all, progress, unity, love not hate, you know, all that hippy shit… go forward from here? Protests and politics seem to have had little or no effect, and as much as a recent celebration of a particularly ambitious arsonist might inspire one to escalate actions, I don’t fancy trying to acquire large amounts of combustible materials in today’s twitchy trigger finger society. So what then?

There has been talk about how we are moving back into a tribal state, how the ideals of a unified world have been rejected in favor of safe, familiar like-minded groups. Is this a bad thing? Why shouldn’t we let all the racists live together somewhere? Perhaps they could be neighbors to the misogynists, I’m sure they’d get along quite nicely. We, and by we I mean the group of people I mentioned before, could then get on with our lives without having to worry that someone might beat the crap out of us for being a different colour or sex. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

It’s not an impossible dream either, with the help of Elon Musk’s solar technology we could build an entire city that would never have to worry about invading a middle-eastern country just so that we could drive to the shops to buy milk. And hopefully the racists and misogynists would put aside their incessant climate denying and use solar too so that they wouldn’t feel the need to hassle us for a ride to the shops as well.

These new tribal metropolis’ would also solve the problem of the filter bubble as we would all think the same thing anyway so it wouldn’t matter if your Facebook timeline was cleverly controlled to only show you the things you agree with. There would also be very few arguments as we all know that our kind of people discuss things in a calm and rational manner, open to differing views and ideas. How wonderful! A true Utopia.

Obviously we’ll need to decide who has which bits of land, but I don’t see that as much of a problem. We like nature and beautiful vistas and they are happy to watch celebrity reality shows at home on their TV or browse the internet for unsuspecting victims to verbally abuse. So no problems there.

Clearly there are some other minor wrinkles to iron out like availability of food and water, but I’m certain these problems can be sorted for the common goal of harmonious living. We’ll all live among people like us and never have to worry about seeing someone that we dislike again.