The Curse of Popularity!

Today I saw the future of online shopping.

A bold statement you might think, but after watching a brief video demonstrating Levi’s integration of the Facebook Like button into their ecommerce store I came over all goosepimply. I urge you to take a moment to view it for yourself before continuing…

How cool is that?

This led me to two startling conclusions…

1. Do we need experts anymore?

Who needs some over-hyped, overpaid reviewer to tell me how good the latest freebie they’ve been given is when several of my trusted, adequately paid friends think it’s great? After all, if my friends like it then that’s good enough for me.

Factor in the possible thousands of Facebook strangers who think the same and you’ve got a seriously powerful incentive when it comes to making that decision to buy.

2. The curse of popularity!

Having a gazillion people ‘like’ a television or a book for example is, I’m sure you’ll agree, quite an influencer. But when it comes to clothes, do I really want to be wearing something that in all ‘like’-lyhood is also being worn by every Tom, Dick and Harriet in the known socialverse?

There are certain categories of product that are bought purely on their niche value and the knowledge that 83% of Facebook users ‘like’ them (and in all probability have bought them) make them 100% less desirable. How will shop keepers hold back this tidal wave of social popularity to ensure that their unique wares remain… unique? Should store owners choose to reject this new form of social shopping, or are they simply sticking their finger in a rapidly crumbling dam?

I’d love to know your thoughts…