#Top10Thursday :: Cars in my Fantasy Garage

This weeks #Top10Thursday is a list that every petrolhead has engraved permanently on their minds, the mythical Fantasy Garage.

Everyone has one, it’s that special place reserved for all the cars that one would own if money and practicality weren’t an issue. Fantasy Garages are populated with the best of the best, the supercars, the classics, the rarities and sometimes even the bizarre.

Join me as I raise the door and share with you my Top 10 Cars in my Fantasy Garage…

#10 – Bigfoot

#9 – Willys Jeep

#8 – Delorean (Time Machine)

#7 – MK1 Granada Coupe

#6 – Ford GT40

#5 – Dodge Charger

#4 – Ford Gran Torino

#3 – NYC Checker Cab

#2 – Aston Martin DB9 Volante

#1 – Aston Martin DB5