So you're all astronauts on some sort of… star trek?

Apple iPad

So, Apple have finally dropped their tablet and I for one am looking forward to the trip.

All of the pundits have had their 15 minutes and the overall conclusions seem split. There was a lot of hatred going around after Steve dropped his tab; no camera? no USB? locked down OS? But what all of these commentators were failing to notice was the abundance of fun. As soon as I saw the iPad I couldn’t help but think of playing Flight Control or Bejeweled at double size on that super glossy screen. I pictured myself lounging on the sofa Tweeting my friends or catching up on my newsfeeds.

Steve spoke of Apple creating a new type of product, the iPad isn’t supposed to be a laptop replacement. No-one is expecting you to use one to actually do any work on. It’s an experiential interface to the little things you do everyday, you know, the things which are actually fun.

In the end, one of my Twitter friends said it best…

As a 41 year old, what the #iPad means to me is… I’m now the living the future I was told about as a kid, via SciFi. #Wow (@DarenBBC)