Can hope be delivered in 140 characters?

I truly believe that Twitter will bring about the next great renaissance in human civilisation. I REALLY do!

Whatever you might think about that statement, it cannot be denied that every single second of every single day we see a deluge of tweets about people doing good and that is why I get SO frustrated when I see opportunities to amplify those positive emotions wasted. And my public enemy number one for wastage is the official account from Twitter highlighting the forces of good… @hope140

It sounds like the most perfect of all things. Twitter, the saviour of mankind, has officially decided to highlight those who would use there 140 characters to do good. All of the difficulties in attracting followers for us non-verified’s simply pale in comparison to Twitter’s official voice, but unfortunately all is not well in the state of California.

As of writing, @hope140 has only posted 99 tweets. 99 tweets?. With the wind at my back, I can almost hit that number in a day. How can the champion of all that is good on Twitter only have managed that number in just over 4 months?

Another troublesome figure is @hope140’s follow count. Sure they’ve got 17,354 followers, not a HUGE number but a respectable one. However they are only following back 82. I have a MUCH bigger number than that of people I follow whom I consider close friends, let alone the hundreds of people I follow who are in their own way each doing good. People like @Tweeetstreet, @CRUKWalton, @Togetherforcure and many, many others who tirelessly promote anyone and everyone who chooses to invest their time in making the world a better place for others.

I have tried to engage with @hope140 on numerous occasions, but have yet to receive a reply. I’m trying VERY hard for this not to come across as some form of harassment as I believe that there is such a golden opportunity here to shout out to the world about all of the good that people do and muffle the voices of the mass media who do nothing but spread their fear and misery.

If you believe like I do that @hope140 is not just another Twitter account, but a guiding light that has a duty and a responsibility to be much, MUCH more than it currently is please tell them and hopefully they will eventually listen and become the true force for good that they should be.