Mr @aRobertWebb, @MarieCurieUK and a Yellow Bowler Hat #lovemyhat

Robert Webb's Hat

When people ask me about Twitter and say “What’s the point?”, I always reply with one word… Serendipity

Never has anything come along that has provided people with so many “happy accidents”. I have spoken about many of these pleasant surprises myself and met countless others who have experienced similar, but these events occur exactly how they are named.

These are not things that you can plan or schedule. Serendipity can’t be engineered. It is its very spontaneity that makes it so special.

This is the essence of Twitter.

It is all of human life, both good and bad. It can make you laugh, it can make you cry. It can tell you what someone has had for breakfast and then go off and change the very world in which we live.

Oh, and it can also solve a celebrities hat problem…