Bletchley Park's code breakers are at it again.

Today’s excursion to the Forties Family event at Bletchely Park has confirmed my suspicions that those boffins at Britain’s super secret wartime intelligence site are at it again and this time they’re cracking a very different code.

Not content with changing the course of the war and saving millions of lives, Bletchley’s technicians are now hard at work deciphering the social code. But while other organisations are busy discussing and planning their strategy these analytical geniuses are DOING!

After a rather difficult and confusing journey to Bletchley, not helped in the least by the shocking lack of signage, I tweeted our arrival (mentioning said difficulties) and was almost immediately greeted by the following response…

@stuartwitts all the road signs have been removed to confuse fifth columnists & protect #bpark secrecy.Sun May 30 10:48:02 via Twitter for iPhone

This simple, in character, response demonstrated so many things. It reassured me that somebody was listening and most importantly encouraged me to play along. After a few more quick exchanges I began to feel very comfortable inside Bletchley’s boundaries and began to TwitPic our experiences. Once again, the mysterious individual behind @bletchleypark responded by ReTweeting one of my photographs.

These little interactions were already more than enough to show me that Bletchley Park understood, but you might think that they were an easy hit as the Tweets contained an @ mention, however what made it clear to me that they were willing to go above and beyond the call of duty were the Tweets that followed.

They had taken it upon themselves to backtrack through my Twitter stream and ReTweet some pictures I had taken that didn’t contain ANY mentions or hashtags (the #bpark tag was added by them). They then maintained an eye on me and ReTweeted several more throughout the day. This tiny bit of extra effort, and the aforementioned interactions, have left a lasting impression on me and done wonders for my emotional connection with Bletchley Park.


As I returned home, saddened by the cancelled fly-by, but delighted with our wartime experience I checked my stream and spotted this from @bletchleypark

@stuartwitts So sorry I missed you today. Was hoping to say hi. So glad you enjoyed it and thanks for spreading the word!Sun May 30 16:42:25 via Twitter for iPhone

I had considered asking after the mysterious Tweeter while we were at Bletchley, but chose not to. Next time we go, however, it will be one of the first things that I do.