Is #duncansdream really a nightmare?

I’m sure that by now everyone is aware of #duncansdream and all of it’s offshoots, but amongst all of the negativity towards it maybe some of us have missed the benefits.

When it comes to the issue of follower count I’m the first one to stand and shout that it’s not all about the numbers and that there are far more important things to be gained from Twitter than the supposed kudos of an enormous throng, however there are occasions when having a large number of followers is exactly what is needed.

Now I’m not talking about having a large audience with which to spew your numerous marketing messages at, but the huge benefit that is to be gained by those who seek to utilise Twitter to provide help and assistance to others. One of the projects that I am involved with is the help engine Cofacio, and a multitude of followers is precisely what is needed to provide that wealth of knowledge and experience necessary to answer any queries that people may have.

Another example would be Eureka140, the self-confessed Twitter Universal Mind. Having 96,000 people with which to ask questions and seek advice would certainly add value to anyone who chooses to make use of it.

If #duncansdream can really pull together the masses and offer them a place to seek answers, advice and maybe even inspiration… is it really such a bad thing?