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#Top10Thursday :: Cars in my Fantasy Garage

This weeks #Top10Thursday is a list that every petrolhead has engraved permanently on their minds, the mythical Fantasy Garage.

Everyone has one, it’s that special place reserved for all the cars that one would own if money and practicality weren’t an issue. Fantasy Garages are populated with the best of the best, the supercars, the classics, the rarities and sometimes even the bizarre.

Join me as I raise the door and share with you my Top 10 Cars in my Fantasy Garage…

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#Top10Thursday :: Classic Films You Haven't Seen

This weeks #Top10Thursday was inspired by a conversation concerning a previous Top 10 list. After some debate about which Toys from the 80’s each of us had owned, the discussion moved on to the classic film The Goonies. Without considering the consequences I said that I had never seen this particular 80’s classic and suddenly the full force of Twitter was unleashed upon me.

Clearly I had touched a very raw nerve and I set about discovering what other classic films my fellow Tweeters hadn’t seen. I created the #filmconfessions hashtag and started an amnesty on classic movie misses. Here, in their own words, is the Top 10 Classic Films I Haven’t Seen…

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#Top10Thursday :: Inspirational YouTube videos

Sometimes, every one of us needs to be inspired. No matter who we are, or where we come from, we can all lose sight of our dreams and sink back into the thick fog of apathy.

For this weeks #Top10Thursday I’d like to give you my top 10 inspirational videos from YouTube. Watch each one of them. Watch them often, and remember…

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – Andre Gide

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#Top10Thursday :: Toys of the 80's

For this, the first participatory #Top10Thursday, the topic is toys from the 80’s (thanks to @chrish10) and having scoured my way through the internet reliving all of my childhood dreams I realised that finding a Top 10 was going to be extremely difficult.

Even a simple Google search left me with over 30 playthings with which to sort and categorise. How could I possibly discard some of my most treasured memories? Hard though it was, I have swallowed the bitter pill and made my decisions. I give you @stuartwitts Top 10 Toys of the 80’s…

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Learn to love the Top 10

Everyone loves a Top 10… right? Well, not everyone. I find them to be the absolute lowest form of blog link bait. But in the spirit of positivity I have decided to embrace the Top 10 with open arms, give it two air kisses and learn to love it’s peculiar charms. And so in honour of the humble Top 10 I give you…

Top 10 Thursday

I’m hoping that you will all join me in celebrating the terrifically tremendous Top 10 by posting your very own every Thursday at 10:10am and promoting it on Twitter with the hashtag #Top10Thursday. Each weeks topic will be decided in advance via a Twitter vote on the Friday, you will then have until the following Thursday to prepare your list.

For this, the inaugural #Top10Thursday I have prepared a very special Top 10 of Top 10’s for your visual delight…
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