#Top10Thursday :: Classic Films You Haven't Seen

This weeks #Top10Thursday was inspired by a conversation concerning a previous Top 10 list. After some debate about which Toys from the 80’s each of us had owned, the discussion moved on to the classic film The Goonies. Without considering the consequences I said that I had never seen this particular 80’s classic and suddenly the full force of Twitter was unleashed upon me.

Clearly I had touched a very raw nerve and I set about discovering what other classic films my fellow Tweeters hadn’t seen. I created the #filmconfessions hashtag and started an amnesty on classic movie misses. Here, in their own words, is the Top 10 Classic Films I Haven’t Seen…

#10 – E.T

#9 – The Shawshank Redemption

@stuartwitts Shawshank RedemptionWed May 05 08:16:27 via dabr

#8 – When Harry Met Sally

#7 – Jaws

#filmconfessions I haven’t seen Jaws, only saw ET once in the cinema when I was little and haven’t seen it since!Wed May 05 10:07:40 via Tweetie

#6 – Vertigo

#filmconfessions I’ve borrowed the DVD but still not watched Hitchcock’s Vertigo.Wed May 05 09:21:31 via web

#5 – Top Gun

#4 – Battleship Potemkin

@stuartwitts Forgot the tag, oops #filmconfessions Battleship Potemkin. The shame.Wed May 05 08:18:56 via web

@stuartwitts Well, I’ve seen The Godfather… But not seen The Battleship Potemkin or Raging Bull. #filmconfessionsWed May 05 12:54:48 via web

#3 – Scarface

#filmconfessions never watched Scarface – no idea why not – and a little ashamed to be honest.Wed May 05 09:24:45 via TweetDeck

#2 – The Godfather

@stuartwitts – Godfather. All of them. #filmconfessionsWed May 05 10:07:35 via Tweetie

#1 – It’s A Wonderful life

Yes, Its A Wonderful Life…… @stuartwitts classic film you’re too afraid to admit you haven’t seen? #filmconfessions – anyone else?Wed May 05 13:27:57 via Echofon

@stuartwitts I’ve never set eyes on Raging Bull… or It’s a Wonderful Life… or indeed (uh oh..) Easy Rider *Ducks* #filmconfessionsWed May 05 16:03:52 via TweetDeck