Won’t somebody think of the supporters?

Facebook becomes SPECTRE

So Facebook will soon be rolling out their new layout for Pages as well and on the face of it, everything looks good.

Design is much cleaner and feels more intuitive, the top row of photographs definitely give it a more visual appeal and, finally, as a Page admin you can travel forth and engage amongst the profiles of others and comment as the voice of the brand. Although as Spiderman mused, “With great power comes great responsibility”.

Now I don’t want to prattle on about the pros and cons of brands being able to run amongst us like children in a candy store, I want to talk about something far more important. At least more important to those of us in the touchy, feel good world of charity.

As a charity, our Wall is primarily used by supporters to express their gratitude and share their stories. But now that the calculated dark art of relevancy has reared it’s ugly, unfeeling business head, I fear that the majority of these posts will be deemed unimportant and relegated to the bottom of the page in favour of our messages, which will clearly gather the most interaction.

I was always filled with a warm glow when reading through the outpouring of support for us as an organisation and for those who have needed our help. Now, those sentiments will be lost below what the Facebook algorithm deems more relevant.

Is this now the end of Facebook as community and the continuation of Facebook’s desire to become Google, where the pinnacle of perfection is relevancy and serendipity is something to be despised?

What do YOU think?